Seamless Steel Siding

At Hausauer Seamless Products, LLC, we have spent many years perfecting the process of siding homes with seamless steel. Here are a few of the reasons that we believe it is the superior choice when re-siding your home.

  • Roll formed on-site from high strength steel to the exact lengths needed;
  • Available in 40 solid colors along with 12 two-tone woodgrain colors;
  • No seams - providing superior wind and air infiltration resistance;
  • Extremely durable product with over 40 years of proven performance history;
  • Unmatched to all weather conditions (sun, wind, water, hail);
  • Great curb appeal and excellent added value for re-sale

Hausauer Seamless Products, LLC has many colors available to finish your siding project with all new Soffit, Fascia and Trim. This makes the entire exterior of your home virtually maintenance free. No more scraping and painting.

  • All window and door trim is custom formed on site to fit your trim style;
  • Wide range of complementary color choices;
  • Vented and unvented soffit panels;
  • Fascia panels available for all custom widths

Hausauer Seamless Products, LLC covers the entire siding project with our comprehensive material and workmanship warranties and every jobsite is also covered by a complete job in progress insurance package.

  • Licensed contractor in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana;
  • All work is completed by employees of Hausauer Seamless Products, LLC;
  • Crews are committed to your project from start to completion.

Hausauer Seamless Products, LLC offers three different insulating underlayment options to add the desired energy efficiency to your home. We provide ¼" or 3/8" hi-density fanfold underlayment or housewrap. All options provide extra insulation and help seal the outer walls of your home.

  • Insulation underlayment can be installed right over existing siding;
  • Provides extra R-Value to exterior walls;
  • Seals outer walls to wind and water;
  • Helps to provide a flat wall surface for straight and level siding;
  • Provides a radiant heat barrier